Track Record

TrackTrack RecordTrack Record

Established in 2015
We have acquired an elevated hike in our sales in the subsequent years considering our sales in the first year.
Secured strategic commitment of yearly volume from Kaltim Prima Coal and trading 5 Mn MT in the first year
Secured 100% trading volume from PT Arutmin Indonesia for Satui and Senaking Coal in the year 2015.
Secured 100% marketing right from PT Guruh Putra Bersama in the year 2019
Secured 100% marketing right from PT Ade Putra Tanrajeng in the year 2019
Volume traded year wise as below table and graph.
2016 Mn MT (2.842)40%
2017 Mn MT (6.728)60%
2018 Mn MT (6.112)55%
2019 Mn MT (7.538)70%
2020 Mn MT (8.000)80%
2021 Mn MT (14.000)90%
2022 Mn MT (18.000)95%
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RWood is dealing with various trade houses and power producers across Asian markets viz. India, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Pakistan and UAE.
Expanding footprints in markets like Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia and European Region.
Flexibility on vessel size and loading point at Tanjung Bara Terminals for PT Kaltim Prima Coal, North Pulau Laut Coal Terminal for PT Arutmin Indonesia, Muara Berau and Muara Jawa Anchorage for PT. Ade Putra Tanrajeng, Muara Berau for PT. Guruh Putra Bersama and Tarahan Port for Bukit Asam.