Step Forward

Step ForwardStep Forward

As a development strategy, RWOOD

  • has secured long term coal supply from leading coal mines in Indonesia
  • manages and coordinates the logistics chain from mining to vessel loading
  • has a diversified product portfolio with multiple supply sources
  • facilitates structured financing for competitive sourcing
  • focuses on reliable product quality for customer satisfactions
  • has presence in proximity to the source as well as end consumers
  • establishing non-coal trade verticals (i.e. iron ore and gypsum)


RWOOD Resources DMCC was incorporated in 2015 at Dubai, United Arab Emirates under DMCC…

Our Strength

We capitalize on the 4 pillars of strength that has led to an unwavering performance year after year…

Our Commitment

RWOOD strives to be a globally competitive trade house by constantly developing its trade network…

Our Presence

Global presence in sourcing and marketing of Bulk Commodities across Europe, Asia and Middle East…