Our People

We are the team of professionals having vast working experiences with different leading trading houses, united to meet organisational goal.
Name Details
1. Mr. Nilesh Desai
Corporate finance executive having post graduate degree in finance with20 years of unmatched experience in building, leading and advising corporation through international business strategy, commodity trading, project evaluation and team management. Developed and nurtured valuable relationship with trade professionals and corporate houses resulted in stable business model, growth prospects and flexibility in transaction structures. Excellent track record of documented contributions leading to improved financial performance, heightened productivity, enhanced internal control and strong foot prints in South East Asia markets.
2. Mr Vinod Kumar
More than 25 years’ experience in the Marketing office of reputed Business Groups in India, of which 20 years in the International Trading. Worked for Indo Gulf Fertilisers, Trading Divn. Of Grasim Industries & Swiss Singapore of Aditya Birla Group, Adani Group & BS Group before joining RWood Products handled include Agro Commodities, Surveying Equipments and Petroleum Sulphur apart from Steam Coal. Handling Steam Coal marketing since 1998 in the India market. Key member of Adani Coal Trading Team, heading commercial division.
3. Mr Snehal Kantharia
Techno-Commercial professional having nearly 28 years of corporate experience with leading Trading houses, while last 15 years are dedicated to Thermal Coal & Mineral Origination, Trading and Mine Acquisitions & operations largely based at Indonesia, whereas, initial years of experience encompass corporate planning, project management & project finance, working capital & trade finance syndication avenues entailing various infrastructure & industrial projects
4. Mr Rajiv Savur
Qualified engineer having 15 years of experience in commodity trading and exposure to various mines across Kalimantan region. He has Indonesian language proficiency, which help to reach-out to various suppliers and building up team having experience in mining sector. Currently heading sourcing operation and managing logistics of cargo movement.
5. Mr Sanjay Gattani
An accomplished business and finance professional with varied experience in commodities and logistics in the areas of strategy, business negotiations, risk management and corporate finance. Engaging with various customer segments for identification of their specific needs, designing long term business models integrating the same with financial structuring to create optimal value for the customers. Expertise in the areas of derivatives, integration of the same with physical trades and designing of the hedging policies. Headed the strategy and non-cape division of TataNYK Shipping Pte. Ltd. before joining in this position.